Why sponsor YENA?

YENA reaches a large audience of young business leaders who represent the future leaders of industry and current movers & shakers in their own personal networks. Thanks to the social media boom, these people are now all interconnected and reaching them offers a competitive advantage over other, more traditional forms of sponsorship & advertising.

With over 3 million digital reach per year and 3,000 people reached at over 56 events per year, YENA has incredible opportunities for you to connect with people right now, to build relationships that last a lifetime.


Brand – Our most powerful opportunity, enabling you to reach the most people, across all events, digital channels & marketing for an entire year.

Local – Create a synonymous relationship with young business leaders to to establish your position as a market leader in a specific locality.

Event – Sponsor an individual YENA event to reach people in-person, connect and learn from them whilst building relationships that grow.

Brand-Wide Sponsorship Pack


Local Sponsorship Pack


Event Sponsorship Pack


Social Impact

Our focus on delivering a social impact through all our work means that not only do you get access to a strong commercial opportunity but you can also take pride in empowering a generation of young entrepreneurs & ambitious professionals to achieve their goals.

The power of this affiliation means that your legacy, as a brand, will be one that remembers your impact on the futures of many of our members & wider audience.