Be the centre of your local network

When you host a YENA event, you’re in the middle of it all – you’ll get an advantage to know what’s happening before everyone else, naturally, by knowing everyone and what’s going on. This can only ever mean more opportunities for you and your business.

Improve your personal brand & abilities

Hosting gives you great practice at trying out your public speaking & interviewing skills, adding more to your entrepreneurial CV. It also helps you improve your personal brand & awareness which often means hosts get booked for more talks and opportunities, as a result.

Complimentary membership

Being a YENA host means you’ll automatically have top-level membership in return for running events. This is currently worth over £6,000 per year – so it’s a really great benefit, for sure.

A competitive advantage

YENA gives you leverage you may not have had before – a socially conscious reason for reaching out to people [for speaking], complimenting them on their success and helping to build rapport. This means you can often strike up conversations with people who would otherwise be difficult to reach in a sales capacity. This can help you find larger clients, experienced mentors, high-level referrers and more opportunities.



Hosting a local event might sound a little taxing but after 4 years of seeing just how lean we can make the event process we’ve managed to make it take a tiny amount of time for a large amount of gain. Here’s what you can expect to put in:

  • Just 2.5 hours on an evening, 8 times per year
  • Hold onto brand banners (often co-branded with your business) to take to events
  • Liaise with venue to confirm event dates for year
  • Book speakers – just 8 per year which we expect most to be able to do ahead of time for a whole year in advance

…And that’s it. Really!

Easy right?

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