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Be part of the team!

You don’t need to host to be involved. If you fall more into the introvert camp then we’re good with that! Maybe you have super skills you might want to showcase using our events, such as filming, social media management, interviewing, writing blogs, etc. We’d love to hear from you! Just fill out the form below.


Our Ambassador programme gives you a YENA membership for free as based on your ability to enrol at least 10 other members into YENA. Please get in touch to discuss this as it’s something we manage very carefully.


We have the ability to help you reach over 3m people per year, specifically young, entrepreneurial, ambitious, business leaders. Got a product or service that suits? Let us know below and we can talk!


Got something that can be a win/win/win for our members, you and us? Something with a social impact angle? We love people who are trying to change the world. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll see how we can change the world together!

Host a YENA event in your city


Hosting a YENA event is a fantastic way to out yourself and your business right at the centre of your local network, bringing more opportunities as a result.

Running your own YENA event locally costs nothing but a very small amount of time. We’ve spent years perfecting the event format and making it as lean as possible with most of the work still being at HQ anyway. Your job as host? Just be there, tell everyone what you do, what YENA does and make sure people are happy. Simple!

If you’re interested in running your own YENA event then we can give you all the tools you need to launch.

Questions? Ready to proceed? Something in between?

Fill out the form below and we’ll be get right back to you with information on how we can proceed.

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