How can Future Insights help your business?


As a business, you want to know what other people want now & next. Getting ahead of the game and the competition can be the difference between feast or famine and Future Insights is the service that gives you the information you need to build a strategy for success.


We often find ourselves sitting in meetings talking about products or services that we think our target audience want, hoping to get it right first time. Often, by the time we’ve launched & iterated those products & services, the game has moved on slightly and we missed that perfect timing that the high growth companies we admire seem to get just right.

Future Insights gives you the insight from the future generation of business leaders so that you can prepare your business strategy for the coming months and years to ensure you’re doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right people.


We’ll work with you to define a suitable ‘challenge’ for the session and then work through our community to find the right people to fit your brief. We’ll profile them based on your parameters to ensure you get to engage with the ideal people. Then we’ll book a date for the session and carry it out.

Insights sessions will involve a combination of discussion, presentation and ideation, depending on the brief.

They are run either in your offices/boardroom or we can book them in a neutral location, as required.

Other Opportunities

In some cases, Future Insights can be a great way to not only hear from businesses who might be your target customer but also business who might represent the type of companies you’d look to invest in or acquire. Our round-table discussions are a great opportunity to introduce you to and set up conversations with younger, innovative startups and get to know them much better in a neutral setting.

If it’s talent you’re looking for then in some cases we can identify those entrepreneurial & ambitious professionals in our community who represent some of the most promising and employable talent around. This can give you a line direct to the best people for your business and an opportunity to cut-out recruitment services that can often inundate you with people who might not be right for the role, all while conversing about how to build a great company culture or what millennials want from an employee package, for example.