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Save money with YENA’s Receipt Bank discounts. 

Why use Receipt Bank?

Put simply, Receipt Bank is an automation tool to help your business to remove the pains of bookkeeping.

No Entrepreneur or Startup has spare time to take away from building their business to manually enter any of invoices or receipts into accounting software.

Receipt Bank takes care of all of this for you.

With Receipt Bank you can email, or even have your suppliers email your digital invoices straight to their data processing software and with their free mobile app you can easily take photos of any hard copy receipts.

They’ll even store copies of these for you online for 7 years, so you don’t have to store copies yourself (it is a small business freeing up office space and fire hazards counts).

The software also features a number of automation features to remove the need for you to split out tax, manually categorise items, attach images of these items and even auto publish items straight into your accounting software.

Benefits of Receipt Bank

– Automated expense process
– Accurate data extraction technology
– Automatically sync data to accounting software
– Go paperless with unlimited digital storage
– 100% Secure
– Real time information
– Reduce costs
– Never miss a reimbursement
– Increased productivity
– Manage expenses on the go


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