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About JournoRequests

We are an online service to help journalists find great people (like you!) to write about in their stories.
In traditional PR you’d be emailing journalists, or paying an expensive PR firm, to try and get coverage. Whist these things can work, and are a good string to your bow… JournoRequests is the opposite side. Not many people know but journalists are constantly looking for people to write about and are struggling to find candidates! That’s where we come in – they submit requests to us and we send them out to our subscribers with targeted filters. See the example below:
What do you get?
Be featured in big name UK publications (online and in print)
Specific perks on Premium:
  • Early access to all requests
  • Filter to just opportunities that match your niche
  • Get National level publication alerts faster
  • Add keywords for your niche
  • Filter out blogger opportunities if you want
  • Control your daily email schedule
What does it cost?
JournoRequests normally charge £25 p/m a corporate user, but YENA members can get Premium for just £5 p/m!
No commitment on a super flexible rolling contract.
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