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About elXtr

elXtr, our leading online digital hub for legal and business solutions, is all about you. That’s why whenever you use elXtr, the journey you’ll uncover focuses entirely on what matters to you. We produce the solutions you’re looking for, quickly and without any fuss. Thousands of elXtr users make these journeys regularly.

With, elXtr you can take control, stay updated and DIY confidently. No jargon. No fuss.

You’ll potentially save thousands of pounds, because elXtr uniquely provides DIY legal and business solutions, including 1,000+ templates, factsheets and guides as well as handy self-help tools, to businesses large and small, established and startup, across the wide spectrum of industries and sectors in the UK. And it’s powered by an award-winning law firm, making real law easy, every day.

There are over 250 fact sheets and over 700 legal documents to choose from on elXtr, so taking your first steps towards being on top of the law and running your business with confidence, is only a couple of clicks away. We’re adding new content and features to elXtr on an ongoing basis, including new sectors and legal and business advice areas.

At elXtr, we believe in the power of a great network. We believe that businesses start, develop, grow best and endure, where they are well-supported, with the right solutions and tools at their finger-tips, within their control. We also know first-hand just how much of a struggle it can be when you don’t ask for support or can’t find the right people or the means to make your ambitions happen.

That’s why our membership costs are always affordable, so that everyone can have the benefit of what lies within our fantastic hub.

If you’re not yet with elXtr, but like our many thousands of existing customers, you want to take confident and well-informed control of your legal needs, registering on elXtr is very simple. We can get you started in only a matter of minutes.