Invest in early stage businesses & entrepreneurs


As an investor, it’s a competitive market. Finding businesses who are highly likely to succeed and deliver high returns can be tough amongst a vast array of much less exciting opportunities. At YENA we make it much easier to find those businesses through attracting those with the right mind set in the first place.

From there, we develop our members’ business acumen, networking capabilities, leadership abilities, strategic thinking and much more, to turn them into very strong candidates for investment should the need arise for them.

On average, 5% of YENA’s network is looking for investment at any given time with the average seed round sitting between £100-250k, making them SEIS/EIS applicable and, as a result, highly tax efficient too.

How we facilitate investments


Investor meetups & showcases

Giving startups the opportunity to showcase their businesses in front of investors of all levels. These are often informal events with a suitable format where subsequent relationships follow pre-agreed arrangements of equity or cash fee.

Due diligence

With the aid of our legal, financial, accounting and strategic partners, we are able to carry out the necessary due diligence on the applicants for funding to ensure they are investor-ready, limiting the time you need to spend making sure they tick your boxes. This enables a quicker rate of investment and lowers your potential risk.

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