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PwC Tomorrow’s Business Leaders 

PwC’s Tomorrow’s Business Leaders programme is a new opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to engage with a professional services firm. 
Their programme is entirely tailored around you and your business. Upon successfully joining (see below) you could benefit from:
 – business plan reviews, insights into financial models and valuation pieces,
 – working groups from assurance, deals, tax and consulting performing papers around strategy, growth and revenue,
 – technical pieces from accounting queries, R&D tax credit relief, the impact of investment on cash flow and your businesses financial forecast. 


All applications made will be subject to a review before joining the programme. For hints and tips for a successful application, George Buckle (TBL Founder) said:
It’s a great opportunity for the mentors as well as mentees as we get to work with ambitious and passionate business leaders at the start of their careers. The peer-to-peer support on offer, something as Senior Associates we rely on every day, will be invaluable to successful applicants.
Applicants should be trading through a company registered with companies house. On your application form, we hope to see committed management of a game-changing organisation seeking support from a professional services firm as together, we facilitate robust discussions with respect to your company’s objectives. 
 – Tell us why your business is unique and how you intend to grow beyond your current trading position.
 – Demonstrate you have considered your business’s growth strategy and how this will be achieved.
 – Show us management are committed to this company: you know your business plan, current financials and future forecast and you are aware of external shocks which you might encounter on your company’s journey.
 – With regards to what you would like to achieve from our programme, spend five minutes researching PwC’s Lines of Service and therefore how you feel a Senior Associate from this Line of Service could be of value to you and your business.  Senior Associates are supporting you in their free time.


Having worked with the TBL Leadership team from inception, we are well placed to assist members with their application. Please contact Abby on abby@yena.co.uk for help with your application to the programme. 

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