What is YENA?

YENA stands for ‘Young Entrepreneur Networking Association’. We are an organisation that supplies events, services and support for entrepreneurs between the ages of 15-30. But, you don’t need to be the next Mark Zuckerberg to get involved, we believe that bringing people together from a variety of backgrounds can breed significant results. So, if you’re a student looking for a role to test your new skills, or a professional looking to build your network or escape the rat-race, or even unemployed and looking for ideas, then YENA is the place for you.

Put simply, YENA members are looking to make things happen.

What does YENA do?

Networking Events

We host casual networking events that are free to attend across the country. We offer a non-intimidating environment to help you grow a valuable network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who will give you the foundation you need to advance your business or project. We invite exciting and inspirational keynote speakers to our events and invite you to share your experiences as well.

Exclusive Services

We work hard to bring you exclusive access to discounted and preferential services as an active member of the YENA community. These include start-up legal packages, free accounting services and pay-what-you-think business coaching services. We’re always working on more services and will bring you a dedicated page detailing all soon!

Support Network

YENA exists as a peer-to-peer support network to help you achieve your goals. Our community of young entrepreneurs and professionals strive to give what they can to help, before asking in return. We understand that networks built on the shared value of reciprocity reap the greatest rewards. As a part of our commitment to grow & improve we’re working on bringing mentor services to you too. More on this soon!